The November Nine Chip Leader Poker Profile

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best poker player Jonathan Duhamel has earned a 65 million-chip lead for the 2010 WSOP main event’s final table. This young player chipped up in a big way in the 2010 WSOP and used up his arsenal strategically to play big stacks in poker games, exceeding the expectations of many spectators and poker pros gathered at the prestigious event.

Becoming a poker player was not his plan. He initially enrolled in college, hoping that he would get a finance-related job after he graduated. That obviously wasn't to be. He ended up quitting, becoming a poker player. Jonathan Duhamel is the chip leader by quite a margin sitting on over 60 million chips with the second place player holding around 45 million.

Entitled as the chip leader, Jonathan Duhamel makes a powerful accomplishment making his profile as of the top poker players in history. Being placed in 17th on the leaderboard with a position he entered the 7th day of the main event with a stunning 4.30 million in chips but stunned the organizers and other players alike by boosting this amount to a staggering 8 million in just a few hours!

There is really no question about what makes Duhamel the chip leader as he coolly entered the 2010 WSOP November Nine competition and has his huge stack of 65.98 million backing him up all the way. John Dolan who is at second place has 50% less than Duhamel, which makes Duhamel’s win more commendable than ever. 


Another of his memorable moves took place at the Main Event’s final table when Duhamel had the chip lead and managed to knockout Matt by calling the latter’s all-in using pocket jacks when the board had 10-9-7-Q. His opponent had come up aces while he had gone down to the river on 10 outs but when an 8 hit the board, Jonathan Duhamel found it easy to shock the pot that had reached a fat 42 million in chips. This healthy pot equaled 20% of the playing total.

Jonathan Duhamel had picked finance as his major in college and the cool, logical thinking taught in theories back in the classroom seem to have filtered through and stayed embedded in Duhamel’s competitive mind because when he needed to make a particularly tough decision during the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max tournament, he picked up $6000 approx, though he finished in 50!

However, as far as his poker game strategies are concerned, his best work was witnessed during European Poker Tour and not the US events because here Duhamel shone at the final table worth of 5000 Euros, raking in 55,000 Euros as prize money in his favorite No Limit Hold'em event held at Prague.

Poker pro Jonathan Duhamel had featured among a strong list of final 10 participants that include Canadian poker champ Andrew Chen, WSOP bracelet owner Sebastian Ruthenberg as well as serious competition in Nasr El Nasr, all of whom he surpassed to bag this international honor.

One of the most remarkable career spot for Jonathan Duhamel came during the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where this energetic young player entered the Main Event and bagged $17,000 in cash prize even as he exited the game at 151st place and so continues to be one of Pokerstars’s top champs that are solid examples of this biggest online poker room's possibilities for even bigger wins!

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