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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Name it, she have it! From a successful poker player, a sexy model of PlayBoy magazine, a hacker and the master in an online game of World Of Warcraft and a businesswoman who owns a clothing line. And on top of all of her career, poker pro Jennifer Leigh is one of the top female poker players in the poker history.

Jennifer Leigh is a self-proclaimed nerd with knowledge of the Linux operating system and the C Sharp programming language. She started gaming with her father at a very young age, and was very active on IRC from a very young age – this is where she chose her nickname of “Jennicide.”

She started playing poker through her gaming activities, in her interview in PokerNewsDaily she stated that: “I was introduced to poker from a former computer hacking group I belonged to. I was just a little girl. When I started IRC, I was only 11. I’m not playing at World Series of Poker right now, but I have campaign managers there.” It is said that her start in poker was propitiated by Robert Boyd, brother of the notorious Russ “Dutch” Boyd.” Jennifer Leigh revealed.

Poker pro Jennifer Leigh has been passionate into poker as she was able to read 6 books all about poker in just a week. With her dedication and sheer hard work, Jennifer Leigh became the highest ranked female in tournaments at one of the largest online poker sites.

As a result, Jennifer was invited in July 2005 by GSN to play Poker Royales' Battle of the Ages along with such poker pros as Dan Harrington, Barbara Enright and T.J. Cloutier. She played four televised tournaments, which culminated in her beating Harrington, as well as Miami John Cernuto in a heads up match to pocket $16,000. She also made the money on the World Poker Tour’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

At the age of 21, Jennifer Leigh started playing the highest stakes online at the 100/200 level. Jennifer continued sharpening her poker skills on the tournament circuit. In September 2005, she placed 9th in the World Championship of online poker earning $10,000 in the $1,000.00 limit hold'em event. At the World PokerTour PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January 2006, she placed 42nd out of 724 players for $13,500. To date, Jennifer has won over $100,000.00 in tournament winnings online.

According to her website,, within a year she was the top ranked female tournament player at one online poker room. She now plays in very high stakes online poker games, especially the $100/$200 Limit Holdem games. At the 2005 World Championship of Online Poker Jennifer finished 9th in the $1000 Limit Holdem Event, winning $10,000.

Apart from poker, Jennifer Leigh has also a blog about her life experiences, including her exploits in poker and on World of Warcraft. Apparently, Jennifer Leigh has reached 70th level on WOW which she has only the the highest level a player can reach and a sign of crazy amounts of dedication to the game. EverQuest is another game Jennifer Leigh has played extensively.

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