The Best Female Poker Player In History

Friday, February 18, 2011

One of the most hottest female poker player that hits the poker industry is none other than Jennifer Harman, as she is considered to be one of the most fierce competitors found at a poker table. Knowing poker as a sport, Jennifer Harman proves that even a girl can dominate in the gamer of poker. As she was in the Fulltilt Poker Team and keeps on winning.

Her successful relationship with the game of poker began when she was just an 8 year old little girl who is observing her father's game. In the many times that her father would lose two to three hundred, she was put in the game in the attempt to get even with his friends who were his playmates. And her father made no mistake of putting her in as she won most of the time.

It was when she turned 21 that she started playing poker professionally. By playing games with increasing limits, she was able to gradually work her way to the top. Despite her huge winnings, she has remained disciplined with her spending and investing styles thus maintaining her hefty bankroll.

Despite having success in tournament plays that some can only achieve in their wildest dreams, Jennifer Harman prefers cash games. She is often included in the list of poker players in the world's largest live-action game in Las Vegas. The top poker player Jennifer Harman prefers cash games because decisions are based on play of hands and opponent estimations whereas in tournaments, one has to consider several factors in coming up with a single decision such as marginal situations and chip conservation.

In 2004 when poker pro Jennifer Harman had to quit playing poker because she needed a kidney transplant, but when she returned to poker, she returned with a bang. She finished 4th in the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic and also finished 5th in the first Professional Poker Tour event. Her kidney transplant inspired her to found Creating Organ Donor Awareness (CODA).

Her success can be attributed to the fact that she constantly seeks ways to learn fresh ideas about poker. Moreover, she enjoys challenging matches with the champions in the field, seeing these as learning experiences. As a matter of fact, she prepared for an unfamiliar alternative poker game by watching the games several times before actually playing. Prior to the tournament, she had tutorials from a pro. This careful albeit simple preparation technique proves to be really beneficial as she has several winnings under her belt.

Jennifer Harman's gender appears to be the reason why some patronize her. She actually sees this as an advantage as most men perceive women as poor poker players. Because of this, male players often try to bluff their cash on her to no avail as she proves to be excellent in spotting bluffs. The world of poker is still dominated by men thus earning respect of other players may prove to be difficult.

This is actually something she is not too concerned about as she is perfectly okay with the respect given to her by husband Mario Traniello and her close friends. Indeed, hard-working players like her are a gem in the poker industry.

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