Patrik Antonius: Coach,Model And Poker Pro

Friday, December 3, 2010

Recognized as one of the top poker pros on the poker circuit - and not just for his poker skills - Patrik Antonius sets tongues wagging wherever he goes. His undeniable talent at the green felt combined with an enormous bankroll and millions in poker winnings would be enough to make any grown man weep. Combine this with a strong resemblance to Brad Pitt, a gorgeous Israeli fiancée, and a beautiful baby girl, and you've got trouble.

Patrik Antonius was born to a working-class family in the suburbs of Helsinki, Finland, on December 13, 1980. His father worked as a bread delivery man and his mother found work at a day-care center to help make ends meet. A rambunctious and competitive youth, Patrik Antonius played soccer, tennis and hockey, and worked hard to keep himself out of detention.

He was particularly gifted at tennis, and by the age of 13 had been singled out by his coaches as a child with Wimbledon potential. He dropped the other sports and began a tennis training regime, but suffered a serious setback a couple of years later when a bulging disc in his back forced him to stop training for a year and a half.

It was around this time that he and his friends began playing poker almost daily at the tennis club. Patrik Antonius had first anted up at age 11 in a backyard game where the stakes were 50¢ to spend at the candy store. At the tennis club the stakes were significantly higher: $50 pots and bragging rights.

Patrik Antonius is a member of the “Circle of Outlaws” which is a poker group started by Marcel Luske who primarily taught Patrick his style. The Circle of Outlaws is a group of 10 young up and coming poker pros who make hundreds of thousands playing online poker. Marcel Luske says he hand picks his members by solely choosing best poker players who dominate and are also good people. He doesn’t want a member who gets upset and throws cards.

In 2005, Patrik Antonius found fame and fortune with some fantastic live tournament results totalling $1.7m, including an EPT victory and numerous final tables. The year was capped by a runner-up finish in the WPT 5 Diamond World Poker Classic for just over $1m.

Patrik Antonius has also been involved in multiple record breaking pots including the largest in online history when he won $1,356,947 pot against the mysterious poker pro Isildur1. Antonius is a regular on High Stakes Poker and was involved in a huge pot on that show against Sammy Farha, winning three quarters of a $998,800 pot when they ran it four times.

More recently he’s been involved playing Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan in the online Durrrr Challenge. They are to play 50,000 hands online, 4-tabling heads-up Hold'em or Omaha at $200/$400 or higher. PA is putting up $500k plus losses compared to durrrr’s $1.5m.With 33,000 hands gone, Antonius is down a huge $1.8m.

Patrik Antonius plays both online poker and live poker. He is most successful at the internet Limit Holdem games. Many call him the best Limit Holdem player on the internet. Patrik Antonius' bankroll is estimated to be above $10 million, although he keeps this private even from his fiance.

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